Grease Remedial Service

The Grease Remedial System is installed in front of the grease trap. It periodically adds the bacteria to decompose oil and increase the efficiency of the grease trap.


1. The Grease Remedial System is divided into two parts; one end of the pipeline will connect to lipase, while the other end will connect to the grease trap

2. The system will periodically add bacteria to grease trap to decompose the grease



  • Can reduce the grease level at source
  • Our bacteria secrete both extra-cellular and membrane bound enzymes actively that can continually working. It is difficult to flush away, so it can digest the grease much more than enzymes product
  • Greatly reduce the drain pipe & grease trap blockage, preventing from any related expenses, and also save the cost of maintenance
  • Reduce the plumbing frequency and cost
  • Remove odor and protect staff's health


*Workflow may change depending on real situation