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Statutory Licenses

1. Registered “Waste Cooking Oils” Collectors

We are one of the registered “Waste Cooking Oils” (Grease Trap Waste only) collectors under the Environmental Protection Department. Proper recycling of WCO not only convert it into industrial products like biodiesel or soap etc., but also avoid environmental pollutions arising from improper handling of WCO; it can prevent WCO from re-entering the food chain and threatening citizens’ health.


2. Permission for Domestic Septic Waste Disposal

We hold the Permission for Domestic Septic Waste Disposal issued by the Drainage Services Department. The domestic septic waste should be discharged to the assigned Sewage Treatment Plants and follow the approved quantities.


3. Safety Certificate of Employee

According to the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Confined Spaces) Regulation, every worker enters or works in confined space shall have recognized safety certificate. We have many recognized safety supervisors, competent persons and certified workers to handle the operation in confined space.